What size HD tv should i buy (inches) ?

Answer in my opinion it depends on what you want to use it for. i will take some assumptions here. you have a ps3, and since it has a blu ray player you will likely want to purchase some blu ray movies at... Read More »

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What size of carpet in inches is a 2m x 2m?

What is the size of a cd cover in inches?

The finished dimensions of a CD cover are 4.724 inches by 4.724 inches, which makes a perfect square. This will allow each cover to fit properly in the front area of the jewel case, since all jewel... Read More »

How to Measure Your Arm Size in Inches?

There are many different methods you can use to measure your arm length. Choosing the correct method depends on what part of the arm is being measured and the purpose of the measurement. Measuring ... Read More »

How many inches is a twin size bed?

According to The Better Sleep Council, a twin size bed is 38-inches wide and 75-inches long. They state this length of bed is ideal for users who are less than 5-feet 5-inches tall.Source:The Bett... Read More »