What site's are good to get hardware from?

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What are good sites to download music from for free?

Limewire or Frostwire is good for single songs. and a client such as utorrent would be good for entire albums. Just realize that downloading songs for free is illegal (if you don't ow... Read More »

Can anyone tell me some good online shops to buy computer hardware from?

CCL Computers; are always good, & you could call at the warehouse if you live close. They're in West Yorkshire. I go to them first, & then ScanDot, Novatech, in that order.

I know about free webs and like google sites, but are these just as good as sites you have to pay for?

Search engines do not care how much you spend, free hosts with a proper domain name will do as well as paid ones.

How much of the internet consists of sites whose content is lifted from other sites?

Like all other media, it cannibalizes itself far, far too often.((((((Angels))))) the music does help increase our patience with a lack of fresh info!Ah, it makes my magyar blood sing! Romani, Rom... Read More »