What site lets you download YouTube on to your iPod?

Answer Go and search for youtube downloader. that software allows you to download videos from youtube. i cant remember which format the video will be in but theres a converter together wi... Read More »

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What site lets you download songs fast and free with no registration?

If your on a mobile device: If on laptop its tricky as you don't want to download something that will give you a virus so be cautious while browsing on a laptop. *remember wap m... Read More »


All rightey. I hate to say "my answer is the best" but it is because it uses free, open-source software only. No bloated RealPlayer or suspicious websites, just Firefox.First of all, get Firefox (o... Read More »

Trying to download Music off a site like youtube. Plz help?

Err... you don't have to pay for WinRAR, there are many sites that offer the download for free. Only idiots pay $50 for a program as simple as WinRAR when there are much better alternatives for fre... Read More »

How to download videos from youtube site?

Real player. TO learn windows secrets click on my picture and under "visit my website" is a link to windows secrets