What site do u use for your internet homepage?


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Is your internet homepage Google?

I do have Google set as my home page...for 2 reasons:1. It is a great search engine.2. The page loads very quickly because there is nothing reall to it except search (no news, java, etc. that has t... Read More »

What is wrong with my homepage site?

You have to keep providing articles well SEO . Write at least 5 articles per day and see how your traffic grows within a month.See

Will saving images to your computer, to upload them to a site, slow down your internet connection?

Hi,If your computing functions use maximum bandwidth then it will surely slow down your PC. Moreover, the slow down of PC will also depend on the image size, resolution and the compression techniqu... Read More »

How Do I Add a Homepage to an Internet Browser?

Microsoft Internet ExplorerIn Internet Explorer, click "Tools," and select "Internet Options." Click the General tab near the top of the menu. Type the URL of your desired home page in the home pag... Read More »