What site can I look up my employer's identification number for tax purposes?

Answer it should be on your pay stub, if you can't find it you could call HR, they should be able to tell you.

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Is the tax id number the same as the employers identification number?

A tax ID number is used to identify the person or business that must pay taxes. That includes social security numbers, employer identification numbers, and individual tax identification numbers. Ac... Read More »

How to Find My Employers Ein Number?

An employer identification number (EIN), sometimes called a federal employer identification number (FEIN) or taxpayer identification number (TIN), is a nine-digit code that the Internal Revenue Ser... Read More »

Is a tax identification number the same as your Social Security number?

Although used interchangeably on Internal Revenue Service documents, taxpayer identification numbers and Social Security numbers are not the same. The Social Security Administration assigns Social ... Read More »

How do i acquire a tax id number for business purposes?

Sole Proprietor Tax Identification NumberUse your social security number if you are a sole proprietor as your tax identification number if you need to. For example, you may need to open a checking ... Read More »