What sitcom kirk Cameron play in?

Answer growing pains

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What sitcom did rerun play on?

On what sitcom did "rerun" play on?The TV show "What's Happening!!"

What cover band does PERRY play for on the sitcom still standing?

Perry plays in a Foghat cover band, which is not very successsful because as Perry puts it, it's cheaper to hire Foghat.

How many characters did martin Lawrence play in his comedy sitcom?

These are all of the characters. My favorite is Mr. Otis. PJezl & ChezzATL 1. Mama Payne2. Sha Na Na3. Roscoe4. King Beef5. Jerome6. Otis7. Dragon Fly Jones8. Bob (Jena and Pam's Co-Worker)9. Elroy... Read More »

Did Ellen Degeneres play on a sitcom about a real estate office?