What simple things can we all do to combat fatigue?

Answer Sleep correctly-- when it's dark sleep, a few hours before midnight, and wake when it's light.Exercise regularly- overall health, vitality, circulation.Diet- good nutrition to avoid deficiency and ... Read More »

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How to Combat Fatigue?

Overloaded schedules and stressful lifestyles often prevent people from getting adequate amounts of sleep. When people are tired they tend to become irritable and easily distracted during the day. ... Read More »

Name ten things about yourself, simple right?

well, three bad things:-I'm lazy and selfish.-I don't like my stomach or legs.-I turn red very easily, even when I'm not good things I like about myself:-I'm a good writer.-I can ... Read More »

How to Remember Things That Are Simple?

Everyone needs to memorize somethings every once in a while, whether it's just some trivia that you and your friends want to remember, or if it's for some super big test. This guide will hopefully ... Read More »

What are some simple things to cook for dinner?

This is so easy and they will love it...Preheat oven to 375 degrees..Get some boneless chicken breasts..coat with olive oil..season with basic seasoning on hand like salt, garlic powder, onion powd... Read More »