What silly things did you use to think when you were little?

Answer i used to think worms were spaggetti and ate some ?

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When you were little, what did you think sex was?

I thought that a man and a woman got married, then they prayed to God so that they got a baby =)! My parents actually told me that, and then I didn't think about it. I knew a baby came out of a lad... Read More »

What was your fave meal/food home made when you were little.I'm 43 so their wasnt pizzas or things like that.?

I'm 37 and from UK and we didn't have pizzas till i was about 10. yeah they were exactly how patsy described them. toast toppers were great tho! my fave school dinner was spam fritters and at home ... Read More »

DIrectioners: What do you think of Little things reversed?

it sounds spanish! i heard 'sniff lindsy lohan!' that was crazy! and Lucifer i think is satan...i'm not to sure!

What were those little gray things on ESPN in the 90's?

Andy Roddick was given the best male tennis player by ESPN.