What signal meter for ota Signal Strength?

Answer The new digital TVs and Off-Air Converters have an On-Screen Signal Strength Meters available through the menu. This is used to help aim the antenna for the peak signal.

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What Is a Signal Strength Meter?

The Signal Strength Meter, also known as an S-meter, measures voltage levels of incoming radio signals. The S-meter measures units in S-points that range from S1 to S9. Each point change represents... Read More »

How do I Calculate Signal Strength?

You can calculate signal strength on your cellphone by switching your phone to field test mode, which will display your signal strength using numerical dBm or decibels to the milli-watt, navigating... Read More »

How to Monitor Wireless Signal Strength?

Wireless Internet allows people to work wherever they want without having to be tethered by a cable. The strength of your signal, however, can leave you hanging if you're in the wrong place trying ... Read More »

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