What side goes up on a solar pool cover?

Answer A solar pool cover's flat side usually goes on the top when you cover the pool. The bubbly portion goes on the bottom, as it makes it easier for cleaning.Source:BMH Pool Cover

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Which side goes up on my solar cover?

On a solar cover, the side with no pattern faces up. The side with the pattern faces down. The reason for this is the side without a pattern maximizes the surface area, enabling more sunlight to pe... Read More »

Which side of the solar cover goes up?

Answer The bubbles go down and the smooth side up.

Does the blue side of a solar pool cover go up?

The blue side of a two-colored ( silver and blue ) solar pool cover goes up, facing toward the sun. The silver side goes down. A standard solar cover that has bubbles should always lay bubble side ... Read More »

Can a pool cover be used over a solar cover?

According to, pool owners should choose between a vinyl pool cover or a solar cover. Pool owners can leave solar covers on during daytime hours and use vinyl covers at night. Solar... Read More »