What side effects does hydroxycut have?

Answer With obesity levels on the rise and millions of Americans overweight, many people have turned to dietary supplements, like Hydroxycut, to help with their weight loss goals. Some of these supplement... Read More »

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What side effects does domperidone have?

Domperidone is a prescription medication not approved in the United States but sometimes given to patients with Parkinson's disease. Despite its effectiveness at alleviating some of the symptoms ca... Read More »

Does lipitor have any side effects?

Lipitor (known generically as atorvastatin) is a prescription-only cholesterol-lowering drug with a variety of mild and serious side effects.Minor Side EffectsLipitor may result in constipation, he... Read More »

Has anyone had any experience with SomnaPure, a sleep aid Does it work well Does it have side effects?

I took my first two SomnaPure tonight and, frankly, I do not like the way I am feeling. Within 15 minutes, I started feeling flushed, Now about an hour later, I continue to feel the same plus I ha... Read More »

Does sinarest tablets taken during the 6th month of pregnancy have any side effects on the child?

Answer googled sinarest tablets+pregnancy. The above website talks about using it during pregnancy.