What sickness can you get from too much typing?

Answer carpal tunnel syndrome

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Can you get arthritis from typing too much?

Yes, you can. Poorly, I have arthritis from typing too much, and cracking my knuckles. I regret that. And also, I'm 14.... sad..Cracking your knuckles is not known to cause arthritis although that ... Read More »

How much vomiting is associated with morning sickness?

Not every pregnant woman who is experiencing morning sickness will vomit. Severe vomiting, especially when accompanied by weight loss, may be a symptom of hyperemesis gravidarum, a serious conditio... Read More »

How do i advertise for typing jobs from home?

CraigslistGo to Craigslist. Select your state and city. Go to "Services" in the middle of the page at the bottom. Select "Computer." Type up your ad, detailing the kinds of typing jobs you do and y... Read More »

How to Get Around the 2 Minute Ban from Typing on Navyfield?

Have you ever typed to fast on Navyfield and gotten a 2-minute ban from typing? Normally this isn't a problem, but if someone is waiting for you to reply to a message, then it can get quite annoyin... Read More »