What shud you do if your mums friend wants to have sex with you?

Answer HAVE YOU GONE BONKERS? SEX WITH HIM AND THEN ASK HIM WHY HE ASKED AND THEN SLAP HIM FULL IN THE FACE! Or, and more saner answer: try and reason with him. It'll help.

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What is a reasonable amount of money to charge my mums friend for setting up a new PC?

Shud i get a Mac or a PC?

PC for sure.Why? because: 1. Macs are the same as PC's Performance Wise.2. Macs are incredibly hard and annoying to use.3. Macs SUCK for gaming.4. Macs are 2000-3000 dollars. Pc's are 500-1000 doll... Read More »

What laptop shud I buy?…

1st bike. CBR600f or R6 is there anything else i shud look at?

I know for a fact that before you post a question on Answers, you are given a list of similar questions that have already been asked so we don't have to answer the same damn thing every single day.... Read More »