What shrubs/bushes can i plant in a small common area in front of my townhouse?

Answer You didn't say how big a bed you have or where you live, but there is a miniature boxwood that might work. Slow growing, never too big and can take that eastern light. Look at the Buxus sinica insu... Read More »

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Is the driveway of a townhouse garage common property of a condominium?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the driveway. If you have exclusive use of it, it may be limited common area.If others also use the same driveway, it may be common area.However,... Read More »

What kind of small flowering tree should I plant in my front yard?

I would try a dogwood or a purple plum, both stay fairly small and have great spring color and smell. I would stay away from crab apples, more of a mess than the blooms are worth. You might even w... Read More »

Backyard Ideas for a Small Townhouse?

For those who love apartment style living but want more space and to own their own property, they may choose to purchase a townhome. One of the downsides to many townhomes is the limited space in t... Read More »

Who is responsible for watering the front lawn of a condo townhouse?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not you are indeed responsible for watering your front lawn.Otherwise, if the association is responsible for watering, you can send a request t... Read More »