What shouldn't you do in PE if im pregnant?

Answer if your pregnet you should tell the pe coatch that you feel sick and go to the nerse when you get home you have to tell your parents if you bounce around it can do some seriose damage to the babes ... Read More »

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What are 3 reasons you shouldnt get drunk and drive?

you get overconfident while your response time is getting greater

Im trying to loose a small stomach what shouldnt i eat?

I'll just tell you what you should eat. Eat these foods below and you'll be in decent shape...You need to start eating more wholesome foods. This means foods that are not processed. The main staple... Read More »

What are the Top 10 reasons cell phones shouldnt be allowed in school?

They distract the student from learning.They can be used to find answers during a test.They can distract other students by ringing or vibrating.They can spread rumors.They are expensive, and can be... Read More »

What does a cheek piercing look like when its out and why should and shouldnt i get it done?

It looks like someone poked a 14g hole in a dimple. Cheek piercings undergo a lot of flexing and tugging durring daily life, so they heal up with a sturdy opening that is very visible while they ar... Read More »