What should your white blood count be at?

Answer On One Hand: There is a RangeThe level of a normal white blood cell count ranges between 4,500 and 10,000 per microliter, according to Medline Plus.On the Other: Normal Values VaryMedline Plus repo... Read More »

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White blood count was 8.4 is that bad?

It varies based on age & gender, but no that is a very normal number

Low White Cell blood count?

If your hemoglobin level was 3.5 mg/dL then you are seriously and critically anemic. Maybe you are talking about your red blood cell count (erythrocyte count) which in a normal woman would be appro... Read More »

Low white cell count in blood?

Leukocytopenia (or leukopenia; "penia" is from the Greek meaning a "lack of") can be caused by any number of factors, such as certain drugs or exposure to certain forms of radiation. It can even be... Read More »

Does white blood count cause acne?

On One Hand: Causes of AcneAccording to the Mayo Clinic, there are three conditions that contribute to the formation of acne. These conditions are overproduction of oil in the hair follicle, abnorm... Read More »