What should your baby eat 7 months?

Answer loads of African foods.

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What should you do if your 8 months old baby fell down and his head bumps to ground?

Answer given the fact that none of us are with you and baby to evaluate the severity, i would STRONGLY reccommend that you use mother instincts (is baby crying more than usual when he/she falls). ... Read More »

How should your baby look at 7 months?

Why should milk be served to your baby till there 12 months old?

Because the baby is vastly growing in these 12 months, it needs to have as much nutrients as possible. Letting them have milk for a year gives their brains the proper nutrients for development.

If you got pregnant 3 months after stopping Triquilar should you be worried about the health of your baby?

Answer There should be no problem at all. Many women get pregnant immediately they stop and have no trouble.