What should you wear to your school dance?

Answer well if you are a "big" girl you may like to go with a long drees of a nice non bright .if you r a tall skinny girl like me avoid heels so u r not taller than your date but remember be your self an... Read More »

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Ten Things Not to Wear to a Middle School Dance?

Most public schools do not require students to wear uniforms to school. However, these schools might enforce a dress code that prohibits students from wearing immodest clothes or clothes that promo... Read More »

What should i wear to my middle school dance URGENT?

I think you should wear some your toms with some skinny jeans and a neon top along with a neon necklace. (: I think you should curl your hair. casual but cute at the same time. I hope I could help... Read More »

Where do the girls on dance moms buy their dance-wear?

Oxyjen, Angel Face, Tawney G, Bodkini, Jo and Jax, Kurve, Divina...The frilly cutesy stuff is mostly Tawney G. and Angel Face.The colourful trendy stuff is mostly Oxyjen and Jo and Jax.

How to Dance at a Middle School Dance Party when You Are Really Self Conscious?

Ahh, the question that plagues many, many teens. Today, discos and music are becoming more popular, and there are always those who just aren't sure. Well, this guide aims to help that!