What should you wear to your school dance?

Answer well if you are a "big" girl you may like to go with a long drees of a nice non bright .if you r a tall skinny girl like me avoid heels so u r not taller than your date but remember be your self an... Read More »

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What should i wear to my middle school dance URGENT?

I think you should wear some your toms with some skinny jeans and a neon top along with a neon necklace. (: I think you should curl your hair. casual but cute at the same time. I hope I could help... Read More »

What Makeup Should I Wear to a Dance Audition?

Looking your best is essential to a good dance audition – it leaves a mark on the audition panel and helps increase your self-confidence. For dancers, makeup should enhance natural features, but ... Read More »

Should you wear your slipppers to school!?

No you shouldn't but you can unless the school has any laws against it. I know my school does. It's in the school handbook that they give is in the beginning of the year and there's a page especial... Read More »

Ten Things Not to Wear to a Middle School Dance?

Most public schools do not require students to wear uniforms to school. However, these schools might enforce a dress code that prohibits students from wearing immodest clothes or clothes that promo... Read More »