What should you use instead of using pesticides?

Answer It depends on the pest you are trying to eradicate or chase away. Diatomacious Earth is organic and very effective on ants, earwigs, and several other pests. Insecticidal soap is also organic and v... Read More »

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What are the positives of using pesticides?

lower prices....less bugs.....less farm land....less e-coli....better taste

The Disadvantages of Using Pesticides and Herbicides?

Pesticides and herbicides have a major impact on crop production. The 20th century brought many breakthrough developments in pesticide production. Pesticides control troublesome pests, such as mite... Read More »

We have a million ant hills this year. what are natural ways to kill them, without using chemical pesticides?

Hi Bert!:) I agree with the guy who said boric acid. I just finished putting it down on these fire ant hills around our house. It is a much more natural and safer alternative to the toxic chemicals... Read More »

How do I kill ants without using nasty pesticides?