What should you say to a girl if you love her?

Answer Literally, you would say, "I love you." That being said, timing is going to be everything. If you are going to say this to someone you have not been formerly introduced to, or do not have an on-goi... Read More »

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I love a girl who's not a vegetarian, but i am, what should i do?

This is obviously a hurdle in your relationship, whatever that is, with this girl. If you can't overcome it, then there is really no point in going any further is there? Funny thing is maybe she i... Read More »

What was that orange girl name off real chance of love?

What should you do if you are a sixteen year old girl in a serious relationship who really wants to get pregnant and he thinks you should go for it?

Answer I would advise that person to spend times with children "infants" for at least one weekend on her own and if she feels she can handle it she should then determine if she was to get pregnant... Read More »

What episode does dyson get his love back for bo in the tv show Lost Girl?

season 2 episode 21 into the darkhope that helps!! (:]