What should you mix in with garden soil to make it rich with minerals?

Answer use greensand and compost. ANSWER: Add composted cow manure to a rate of one fifty pound bag per 100 square feet of garden and till it under. POOF! instant rich soil without too much nitrogen. Add ... Read More »

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What should be added to garden soil to loosen it up?

The soil particles were bound together too tightly, which leads to compacted soils and poor growth of your plants. Whenever soils become compacted, water and oxygen are unable to move into the root... Read More »

What should I plant in a part of my garden that gets no sun, bad soil and very dry?

ROCKS! hosta will grow there, Spirea will too but they require water

How to Travel With Bare Minerals Make-Up?

Bare Minerals was introduced to the cosmetics world in 1995 by Bare Escentuals CEO Leslie Blodgett. Marketed as a 100-percent pure makeup line, Bare Minerals is the solution to women all over the g... Read More »

How deep should the soil be in a raised garden bed?

It depends on what you are growing. With root crops such as carrots, you need about 12". For most flowers and above grownd crops such as tomatoes 6" should do. They sell soil by the cubic yard, so... Read More »