What should you know for an apple store interview?

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Can apple gift cards be used for the apple store app?

Apple gift cards are more widely accepted at green grocers, to purchase apples and bananas. When spent at selected stores noted on the apple site, the face value is increased by 50%. I hope this he... Read More »

If you get a job interview for a store that has just opened does that mean you basicly have the job?

No it doesn't but its promising make sure you do a follow up within a few days and if you get a second interview wear your best clothes(it is impossible to over dress for a job interview) and make ... Read More »

Why Apple online store sells iPAD and its accessories cheaper than any other online store like eBay or Amazon?

The Apple price is the right price. Sellers on eBay and Amazon are overcharging so as to cash in on the current demand for the iPad. Also if Apple sold the iPad for their price, ebay or Amazon woul... Read More »

Should I buy an iPhone 3GS from The Apple Store or at the ATT store?

Whichever is most convenient to you. Either way it will be backed by a 1-year warranty.