What should you know about child safety on Halloween?

Answer A few important things to know about child safety on Halloween are: - # Don't let them eat any candy or food that isn't already wrapped by a company, appears unwrapped, or was not wrapped at all e... Read More »

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How to Observe Halloween Safety Month?

When the word "Halloween" comes to mind, the first words are "candy" or "dressing up". However, before collecting candy for the night, there's several cautions that needs to be known. Observing "Ha... Read More »

Pumpkin Safety Tips for Children at Halloween?

In October, porches are lined with carved jack-o-lanterns sporting scary witches, monsters, bats and other ghoulish designs. While carving pumpkins is often for kids, certain precautions must be ta... Read More »

Do you have a Halloween tradition you did as a kid that you now do with your child?

The subdivision I grew up in (our home was build when I was 1 years old) has always been a fabulous, spooky, and safe place to trick or treat. The huge mossy oak trees were old when I was a baby! M... Read More »

How to Plan a Young Child's Halloween Party?

That time of the year has come around again. It's time to break out the caked old containers of make up, buy candy in bulk, and carve up the jack-o-lanterns. But what if trick-or-treating and the r... Read More »