What should you know about child gun safety?

Answer If you have a gun at home, hide it high up so that the child can't see/find/reach it. Make sure it isn't loaded, but keep the bullets near it so that if there's an emergency, the bullets and gun ar... Read More »

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What should you know about child safety on Halloween?

A few important things to know about child safety on Halloween are: - # Don't let them eat any candy or food that isn't already wrapped by a company, appears unwrapped, or was not wrapped at all e... Read More »

Why should child safety seats be used?

Child safety seats help to reduce the number of children killed or injured in automobile crashes. If installed properly and used according to manufacturers' instructions, child safety seats play a ... Read More »

What are some child safety innovations?

Many innovations over the past few years include: Laws on child safety seatsAirbags in cars can be switched offCarriers are more thoroughly checkedChild GPS trackers I really recommend placing a GP... Read More »

What does the law say about child safety at school?

What you might want to do is check with your local schools administration office. Your local representatives, such as the senator, office might even be able to tell you.