What should you give your 12 year old son for salary?

Answer Two pounds a week, or 5 dollars is more than enough. It will only go on junk food anyway.

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What should you give your 5 year old daughter if she has a 10.8 hemoglobin level?

In all likelihood not much would probably need to be done if your daughter has a hemoglobin level of 10.8, since the lower end of the normal range is 11, but it would depend on why she has mild ane... Read More »

How Often Should You Give Your 2-Year-Old a Bath?

Decks must be built according to certain codes to ensure that they are safe for everyone who visits or lives in the home. It is especially important to build decks with safety in mind in cold area... Read More »

Should I Give Up a Salary for Commission?

Compared to other types of compensation, a salary is a guaranteed paycheck. Yet depending on your financial needs, your salesmanship skills and your work availability, a commission-based position m... Read More »

What should you do if your ex-wife has left your two 7 year old girls with a 11 year old boy as their babysitter?

I would call the police and the state child welfare agency.AnswerSpeak to your ex-wife directly and figure out the reason behind this decision. Is the 11-year old mature, responsible? Find out whay... Read More »