What should you give your 12 year old son for salary?

Answer Two pounds a week, or 5 dollars is more than enough. It will only go on junk food anyway.

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Should I Give Up a Salary for Commission?

Compared to other types of compensation, a salary is a guaranteed paycheck. Yet depending on your financial needs, your salesmanship skills and your work availability, a commission-based position m... Read More »

Can a 10 year girl give a oral sex to a 45 year old man with parental consent?

No. Every person have to reach the age of consent before they do anything sexual with another person. 10 is way under that age. No one, and that includes parents, can give a child permission to do ... Read More »

As a 31 year old mother with a 3 year old daughter how can I give birth to a boy?

What is the 1st year salary of a dentist?

According to surveys conducted by PayScale, the median salary for a dentist with less than one year experience is $80,390 to $117,293 per year. The will vary by state. For example, in Illinois, the... Read More »