What should you get for your birthday a samsung r-10 hd camcorder or a iPad?

Answer Ipad

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Microphone for a Samsung camcorder?

The Samsung HMX-S10 uses a 3.5 mm stereo input jack so any mic with the same jack will work. I like the Sony's ECM-CG1 gun microphone or the Sony ECMMS907 mic.

Want to buy a camcorder for son's birthday?

Here's a helpful camcorder buying guide -…and a list of top camcorders (by price range) for 2006 -…where the top... Read More »

Which camcorder is the best - from sony, samsung, canon and any other?

Hi, I would recommend Sony, for just one reason that Sony Handycams have best features available and still are very simple to operate. Most camcorders that have very good technical features tend to... Read More »

How to Connect a Samsung SCA30 Camcorder to a Charger?

Samsung manufactures the SCA30 camcorder, which uses a rechargeable battery for power. The battery should be recharged when the power runs low. The camcorder comes with a power adapter, which plugs... Read More »