What should you get for your 19 year old sister?

Answer Do you mean for her birthday? If you don't know, try a gift card from a store she likes, such as a clothing store or any store you know she likes.

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What should you do if you are a 14 year old guy and you walk in on your 9 year old sister masturbating?

Remember to knock next time. Say nothing, and tell no one not even your best friend.

Your mom and your seventeen year old pregnant sister are mean to you what should you do?

Answer For starters, she really needs to see a doctor.I would speak to my sister in a calm, non-pushing manner. Explain to her there are risks with all pregnancies. I am not sure how supportive yo... Read More »

What should you do If you are 14 and your 12 year old sister walks in on you masturbating?

You stop, immediately cover yourself, get dressed. If you were doing this in an area that she had a right to enter, apologize. If it was your own room or the bathroom, and she entered without knock... Read More »

If you saw your 15 year old sister making out with her boyfriend should you tell your parents?

Probably. GET HER IN TROUBLE! Just kidding. She's 15 years old, she's old enough to date and even make out. Well, it depends if the parents approve of this boyfriend or not. Answer: Don't tell your... Read More »