What should you feed a diabetic?

Answer Diabetes is a chronic illness that can cause severe medical issues if not managed properly. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that diabetes was the sixth leading cause of d... Read More »

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How often should you feed a diabetic canine?

On One Hand: Avoid Changes That Alter InsulinA feeding routine is an important factor in canine diabetics. Avoid changing his diet regularly, which can affect insulin levels. Diets should be high i... Read More »

What should I do my blood sugars are 6.5mmol in the morning,not a diabetic I'm 13 should I go to my gp?

Dude, you don't have diabetes so just relax!

What should a diabetic diet consist of?

Diabetes mellitus, the metabolic disorder most commonly associated with hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), can be controlled with a proper diet and exercise. Type 2 diabetes, the more prevalent form... Read More »

What should a diabetic drink to get drunk?

Grain alcohol works nicely for me. Wine, beer, you name it. But you better be damned sure your blood sugar is well under control, because you're asking for it, otherwise.