What should you expect when you are pregnant?

Answer ... a baby?

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What help can a pregnant teenager expect?

Oh now there is a great deal of places a teenager whio i s pregnant can go to for help, thee are many organizations who help them with money and will also guide them, it is no longer a thing of old... Read More »

What symptoms should you expect if you are six weeks pregnant?

Answer The First Trimester(Week 1 - Week 12) * Your period is absent, or you may spot slightly when your period would have been expected or when the fertilized egg implants the uterus. * You... Read More »

How do you know if you are pregnant if you forgot when to expect your period?

Answer There are many signs of early pregnancy, varying from person to person, although most don't really become noticeable until just before you are due a period.These signs can include:sore breas... Read More »

How does a 17-year-old tell her mother she is pregnant and how should she expect her to react?

New Answer:I am 17, and i found out I was pregnant after 3 positive home tests. As soon as I could, I went to the local health department and had a confirmed test and signed up for temp. Medicaid, ... Read More »