What should you expect when you are pregnant?

Answer ... a baby?

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What symptoms should you expect if you are six weeks pregnant?

Answer The First Trimester(Week 1 - Week 12) * Your period is absent, or you may spot slightly when your period would have been expected or when the fertilized egg implants the uterus. * You... Read More »

How does a 17-year-old tell her mother she is pregnant and how should she expect her to react?

New Answer:I am 17, and i found out I was pregnant after 3 positive home tests. As soon as I could, I went to the local health department and had a confirmed test and signed up for temp. Medicaid, ... Read More »

What should you expect when a child is an infant?

you can watch the pictures on youtube,aol video and other sites....Here:- Read More »

What should I expect when I get braces Can I still play my instrument?

Hey! Let me tell you, braces should not affect anything! They do have limitations on food, but they shouldn't affect how you play instruments! I have braces, had them on since last August and the f... Read More »