What should you eat on a raw food diet?

Answer On One Hand: Basic GuidelinesTo follow a basic raw foods diet, consume a variety of organic, unprocessed, uncooked vegetables; fruits; sprouted nuts; sprouted seeds, and sprouted grains. Staple mea... Read More »

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What kind of food should i eat on a diet?

eat a variety of foods. Just don't over indulge what you eat...stay away from pop and anything that read high fructose corn syrup on the label. Start walking and riding your bike and swimming ..G... Read More »

What kinds of foods should you eat in exchange for a junk food diet?

You should eat the "common" healthy stuff: fruits and veggies! Instead of eating chips while watching TV, maybe you could eat carrot sticks or something like that. Popcorn, i hear, ISN'T junk (as l... Read More »

Which vitamins should you take on the raw food diet?

Eating a raw food diet is cleansing, delicious and invigorating. Your body and health can thrive as never before. Make sure you are getting all of the vitamins you need for health, before a health... Read More »

Do you believe the raw food diet is the healthiest diet?

I have done some research into the raw food diet before answering your question and yes it sounds like a healthy diet.It also recommends this diet for people who:Want the easiest way to remove fat ... Read More »