What should you eat atleast once in your life?

Answer Offal. It will make you more humble.

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If the mother of your 3-year-old child left for 9 months without seeing your child once should you allow her into his life or tell her it is too late?

Answer What is in the BEST interest of the child?3020. (a) The Legislature finds and declares that it is the publicpolicy of this state to assure that the health, safety, and welfareof children sh... Read More »

I get a headache atleast once a day and I sleep a lot. What's the problem.?

The problem is you're headache is from being on the internet too much and wasting your time asking questions when you should be going to a doctor's appointment!

What should you do if your son is 6 years old and his birth father who has known about him all his life but never seen him now wants to be involved in his life?

My son, who is 24 years old now had never met his biological father until he was 15 years old. His father contacted me after years of not even knowing where he lived and asked permission to meet hi... Read More »

Can you get chicken pox more than once in your life?

You can get it more then once, however it is very rare when it does occur. My grandfather had it twice, as well as I see some people who answered your question. If you get the chicken box as an adu... Read More »