What should you do you are 14 and recently had unprotected sex?

Answer First of all you need to decide what you want to do about it. Do you really want to have a baby? Secondly see your Doctor and take a pregnancy test.If you are not pregnant, consisder yourself very ... Read More »

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What should you do if your girlfriend takes plan b one day then the next day you have unprotected sex?

Plan B is not to be used in lieu of birth control. Having unprotected sex again after putting her body through that is incredibly irresponsible. You should be using protection of some sort EVERY TI... Read More »

I recently bought an lg bl40 but i am not able to put videos on it.what format, resolution should i use?

RTFM.This is what cellphone User Manuals are for.TIP: Good luck finding any converter that has the ability to do that phone's non-standard 21:9 aspect ratio!!!

Recently my friend shot himself in the foot. It has turned black. What should he do?

he needs to get to the emergency department stat

I've recently shaved my vagina, I did everything right yet it's irritated, what should I do?

It happens to me too.... but after i started using ALOE VERA GREEN GEL, the one you use after a sunburn, i started using that after i shave, obviously when youre out of the shower. And it works lik... Read More »