What should you do when your grandma and grandpa are caring about everyone else but you?

Answer Your Grandma and Grandpa love you, but the older people get the less energy they have and they are probably not aware that they may be ignoring you. Be honest with them and in private sit down with... Read More »

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How to Know What to Get Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas?

Grandma and Grandpa often use the same line for every gift-giving occasion: "We don't need anything." And they actually mean it a lot of the time; they've accumulated a lifetime of stuff, and don't... Read More »

What should I call my cousin's grandma and grandpa?

Two of your first cousin's grandparents are not related to you. The two others are also your grandparents. If you get into second or third cousins, or more distant cousins, then the relationship t... Read More »

Baby Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa?

Grandma and Grandpa revel in the continuation of family each time a new grandchild is born. They like to be included in their grandchildren's lives. To acknowledge the special title and position th... Read More »

If your great grandpa's sister is a friend's great grandma how are you and your friend related?

If your friend's great grandmother was the sister of your great grandfather, then you are third cousins. The children of siblings (brothers and sisters) are first cousins. The grandchildren of si... Read More »