What should you do when your ex breaks a court order?

Answer You return to court and file a motion for contempt of a court order and let the court take care of it.

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What can a father do if mother breaks court order and he is paying his support?

Return to court and file a contempt against her explaining which court order she is violating.

What are your options when your ex-wife violates a court order and refuses to release your child to you for visitation?

Answer The parent being refused visitation should contact the attorney who handled the custodial case. If there was not legal counsel they should call the clerk or the court where the visitation o... Read More »

Can your father get a court order making you visit him if you are 15 and live with your mom and haven't seen your father in 5 months and he is threatening to get a court order if you don't visit?

Answer yes he can, provided they have filed a settlement agreement with the court in the county in which you live which gives your father rights of visitation or parenting time. If your mom does n... Read More »

What happens when a mother does not show up for a court order for DNA testing?

The court will likely dismiss the complaint against the alleged father. However, sometimes the court will allow the complaint to be refiled.