What should you do when your dad physically and verbally abuses you?

Answer Regular physical abuse from anyone is not acceptable, contact the police. _________________ Other options: Contact the child welfare branch of your state government. If you don't know what it's c... Read More »

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What should you do if your father verbally abuses you?

If your father verbally abuses you, you need to get help. Verbal abuse is one of the hardest abuses to prove because their is no bruise or mark. So if someone was abusing me I would find a voice re... Read More »

How do you get your 7-year-old stepson to tell you how often his mother verbally abuses him without him telling her that you are questioning him?

If your father hits you repeatedly, you should get help right away. You must tell an adult, like your mother, your uncle, your cousin, or a teacher, or the police. If they tell you it's nothing, ke... Read More »

If your wife physically abuses your children what should you do?

The first thing is to put in place a plan to keep the children safe. Someone who physically abuses others has deep seated problems which should be addressed. Usually, it is better to keep the fami... Read More »

What are the legal steps that a neighbor can take if you know that a teenager is being abused verbally or physically?

Answer Answer Why not involve the Police as they have the connections to the Special Agencies who handle such problems as child abuse.