What should you do when a CD drive is not detected after reinstalling Windows XP?

Answer On One Hand: Installation DiscThe reinstallation of an operating system lacks the necessary drivers to recognize the hardware on your system. With the CD drive being a part of that hardware, it is ... Read More »

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What does it mean when Windows has detected a spyware infection?

When Windows says it has detected a spyware infection, your computer system really has some sort of spyware, and that message you see is a part of the spyware (see references for removal instructio... Read More »

When using my paypal, my avast antvirus program detected trojan horses, what action(s) should I take?

People were reporting this on here yesterday, also they are reporting it on the Avast forum…So it's a false alarm. Wait for an update, which will fix it

One External drive is not getting detected due to virus attack. How to use the drive?

My suggestions are:-Try plugging it to other usb ports-Try using other usb cable-Try to plug it to other computer-Try to use Y-connector usb cable (might be external drive is lack of power)Is your ... Read More »

How many GB should be allocated to Windows XP operating system in a partitioned drive?

The Windows XP operating system requires at least 1.5 GB of space on a partitioned hard drive for both the Home and Professional versions. Windows XP also requires at least 64 MB of RAM and a 233 m... Read More »