What should you do to tulips after the flower has died?

Answer Remove the faded flower to stop seed production and allow the foliage to die down naturally as that allows the bulb to build up energy and establish next years flower.

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Orchids that you buy in the supermarket...what can be done after the flower has died?

soak about once a week, keep in a spot which gets light but not much direct sun. They flower in response to lower temperatures at the end of winter, so make sure you don't keep them too warm, thoug... Read More »

Can Poison Ivy Grow in a Flower Bed With Tulips?

Although poison ivy most often grows in woodland areas and fields, it can infiltrate a landscape and quickly become a nuisance, filling flowerbeds and twining among shrubs. Dealing with poison ivy ... Read More »

After he died, my uncle left me his collection of 70's leisure suits, what color should I wear to a funeral?

it depends on if the plaid is orange green and pink plaid. If it is, that is hot and again, please bring the pots...ugh I mean pots---you understand Marla-speak.

How long should fresh cut tulips last?

If cared for, fresh cut tulips will last seven to 10 days in a vase of water. To make them last, recut the stems diagonally before you place them in the vase. Add floral preservative to the water.S... Read More »