How long should I stay awake after a fall and hurt my head ?

Answer Get to the doctor straight away. No offence, but from the way you've worded your question, it sounds like you're disoriented already. You might just be still a bit dazed, but a visit would disco... Read More »

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What can I eat/drink to stay awake?

What do you recomend to stay awake?

Good coffe, try putting some Hazelnut on it.

What are ways to stay awake without caffeine?

Apples, they work better than coffee.

What will happen if I stay awake for 4 days?

After you stay awake for a few days you'll start seeing things and hearing things that aren't really there, I used to do it all them time cause of insomnia, It's like taking acid , but I prefer sle... Read More »