What should you do immediately after you get a Japanese Straightening Perm?

Answer While you sleep, if you move around a lot in your sleep, I suggest you wear a hear net or some kind I cap. If you sleep rarer still, I say just leave it down. And after waiting for three days, your... Read More »

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How to Color Hair After Japanese Straightening?

Japanese chemical hair straighteners are the least-damaging chemical relaxers on the market but they can still cause damage. For this reason, most stylists recommend that their clients pick one che... Read More »

What Is a Straightening Perm?

Although the term “perm” is typically associated with curly hair, it can actually refer to any permanent hair treatment, since “perm” is short for “permanent.” The straightening perm is... Read More »

What Are the Harms of a Straightening Perm?

A straightening perm is a chemical treatment designed to keep hair straight for several months. As the hair grows back, the roots become curlier, and the entire length of the hair gradually grows c... Read More »

Should a 27 year old woman who has 102.8 F temperature after she received a vaccination for regular flu one week ago a see physician immediately?

That is a high fever, it would be wise to contact a doctor to see if you need an appointment for an examination. A reaction to a vaccination would not cause a temperature that high. And it takes ab... Read More »