What should you do if your sibling molested you as a young child?

Answer Consider talking with a professional, so they can help guide you through the healing process.

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What do you do if your child is molested?

Call the police right away and have the person arrested,and once they are convicted by the court then Contact an attorney and file a civil lawsuit of several hundred thousand dollars against them f... Read More »

Telling a young child they are getting a sibling?

he's too young to actually tell...he'll just find out when it happens!

What type of person do you talk to or report to when your child has been molested?

What should you ask your 7-year-old to see if someone has hurt her or molested her?

Act on your wisdom and go with your feelings of judgement, but remembering 'you' are responsible for serving the needs and rights of your child.You have to take this carefully, you don't want to up... Read More »