What should you do if your parents will be upset about your pregnancy?

Answer i was pregnant at age 16 and when i told my dad, he was really mad. but once that baby is born your parents will love that baby to death... my dad did. Answer No parent wants to see thei... Read More »

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How to Keep Your Mouth Shut when Your Parents Are Upset with You?

Your parents may upset you at times but they taken care of you when you couldn't take care of yourself. They love you and deserve the utmost respect.

Is an upset stomach a sign of pregnancy?

The funniest thing you cried over or got really upset over due to pregnancy hormones?

I kept walking upstairs to get something, then once I was upstairs I forgot what I went up there for! On the third trek upstairs I just sat on the top step and cried! I'm pretty sure even my 2 year... Read More »

Question for Parents: Would it upset you if you discovered the school lunch lady was...?

If she can wash her hands like a normal woman and wears gloves while preparing the food, it would not bother me. I just feel sorry for her. Are you sure those are not twin tumors? Poor woman! How d... Read More »