What should you do if your ex husband still sleeps with your 6 year old daughter on his visits?

Answer Unless you have evidence of inappropriate behavior, nothing as most fathers cannot afford places with bedrooms for the children. Most mothers just make a false allegation.

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If you have primary physical custody of your 16 year old daughter and when she goes to her mom's for her visits her mother allows her to sleep with a 18 year old man what can you do to stop it?

Answer It depends on the state you are in, and the legal age of consent in that area. If the age of consent is 16, then I doubt there is much you can do from a legal standpoint, apart from tell yo... Read More »

Can your ex husband keep your 8 year old daughter if he does not have a bedroom for her?

%DETAILS% Answer If the child feels uncomfortable having limited privacy, then the issue should be discussed. If not, there seems to be no reason why it is not workable.

How do you adopt your husband's 12 year old daughter when the the non custodial parent hasn't contacted her in over 6 mo?

6 months is not a very long time when we are talking about to forever give up the rights to your child. In order for you to adopt her the other parent have to give up the parental rights or the cou... Read More »

My husband uses my used panties to keep the light out when he sleeps?

it must have to do the the scent you leave in the panties, I'm assuming you've already worn them? The smell reminds him of having sex with you, which apparently puts him to sleep.