What should you do if your dog is infested with fleas?

Answer On One Hand: Treat the Dog and Surrounding AreasIf your dog is infested with fleas, you must treat the dog and his indoor and outdoor environment. Treat your pet by using a topically applied prescr... Read More »

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House infested with fleas?

Tesco sell a room spray by Bob Martin. They are a pack of 2 aerosols and 1 can does 1 room. You just set the can off and leave it. I think they are about £8 but obviously you need one for each ... Read More »

Everytime we get my step kids they are infested with lice. what should i do i am constantly treating them?

I would definitely tell CPS your concerns. You could tell the mom that if the kids have bugs in their hair anymore you're going to report her. Or just call CPS.

My sister's head is infested with lice, would should I do?

Go to the local pharmacy and get RID. It also has other lice products.Remove the bedding and wash it with bleach. When you dry it, dry it on high and let it go for 30 minutes past the dried point.A... Read More »

What has been your experience with home remedies for fleas?

I don't know much about cat treatments because I've only owned dogs my whole life but I know a few things about controlling the environment so they can't multiply.Fleas need heat and humidity to th... Read More »