What should you do if your dad is crazy?

Answer Hide in the cupboard and hope he goes away

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I have a mosquito bite on my wrist. It itches like crazy. What should I do?

1. Wash the infected area with soap and water as soon as you recognize that you've been bitten. Try to keep the site clean and dry until the irritation abates.2. Avoid scratching. Although a m... Read More »

My daddy is taking me to see his cardiologist tomorrow due to my crazy heart beat problems...what should i do?

Not to worry my friend.He will just listen from the outside.The you will be given an EMG. No pain just paste you to some wires and the machine does the rest. Just lie there for a few minutes, and u... Read More »

A needle just went through my foot, and it itches like crazy! Why What should i do?

Soak your foot in Epsom Salts in warm water.If you haven't had a tetanus shot in the last five years you should go get one.Keep your foot real clean because there are so many germs now that you cou... Read More »

Road rage - crazy guy cutt me off. Should i...?

Yes. Immediately.It is best to call 911 and say a dangerous driver is still on the road, you are afraid for others safety.I did that just once - a young woman was driving with one hand on the wheel... Read More »