What should you do if your child 2 and half eats one of your birth control pills?

Answer Call your local poison control center and maybe your pharmacy.

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If your nipples hurt is it likely to be a sign of pregnancy or a side effect of your birth control pills?

Answerit could be because of the birth control pills because of all the hormones that the pills have it makes your body think that you are pregnant and at times it also gives you pregnancy like sym... Read More »

How to Remember to Take Your Birth Control Pills?

Many women choose to take the birth control pill for various reasons. Some choose to take it to prevent pregnancy and for others, taking the pill is recommended to help regulate their ovulatory cyc... Read More »

You have been off your birth control pills for six months now and you have always been normal but now you 4 days late your cycle should have started march 23 and now its march 26?

Answer It's not unheard of for periods to arrive a few days later than normal or a few days earlier than normal. However perform a pregnancy test.

Do birth control pills make your breasts grow?

A modest increase in breast size is a possible side effect of birth control pills. However, other side effects include weight gain, bloating and nausea, and breasts will usually shrink again when y... Read More »