What should you do if your abuser attempts suicide?

Answer Answer The "attempted" suicide does not indicate remorse at all. It is simply intended as emotional blackmail - to lure you back into the nightmare of the abusive relationship. Answer IF THEY PHON... Read More »

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Is it normal for an abuser to yell at the TV and is he just trying to con you and should you not buy it if you see an abuser on a talk show who seems genuinely interested in changing?

Answer yes i beleave that onces an obueser always an obuser they may ack nice and loveing and say they want to change and they may be sincer about it but it is very unlikely that they will there is... Read More »

Computer took 3 attempts to turn on?

Sometimes they get just darned lazy. My #13 shoe wakes them up.

Which generally attempts to be more comprehensive?

What can a victim do to get away from the abuser?

you can either call the police and get help. or fight back with what you can. or tell them you deserve to be treated better and walk out on them you can tell them to leave you alone