What should you do if your IPhone falls in pool?

Answer It depends what you're mad about, when I'm mad I just take a breath and relax. You can try things like listening to soothing music and relaxing too.

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What should you do if your pool cover has sunk into the pool around the pool pillow?

Answer You must first DRAIN the water off the pool cover!! Get a hose or plastic tube (available from most pet stores (fish department) and syphon off the water. This will take th weight of the ... Read More »

What should your pool filter be set on to vacuum your pool?

I use the bagged, blue roller-ring vacuum that uses a hose into the skimmer drain with a reverse suction--and at least with my system and pump/filter, I set the filter to WASTE--it bypasses the DE ... Read More »

What should you do if your eyeball falls out of your head?

You're going to need at least two bicycle pumps and jumper cables. Let me know when you have them, and I'll guide you through the process.

What should you do when your toenail falls off?

be very gentle try not to hit it on anything and if you wear tennis shoes wrap it in gauze so it doesn't hurt when you walk