What should you do if you think you are pregnant but you are scared to get checked because of family problems?

Answer AnswerYou have to take a home test or go see a doctor. That is the only thing you can do. You need to know one way or the other. Isn't it better to know and be able to get care for the baby early t... Read More »

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How are cats checked for thyroid problems?

The two thyroid glands are located in the front of the neck and are responsible for producing hormones known as T3 and T4. The thyroid is the site of two common diseases, hypothyroidism and hyperth... Read More »

How can a family friend gain custody of a 16-year-old who is having family problems in North Carolina?

AnswerYou might need to go down to the Department of Social Services. Make sure that the person you are staying with comes along. That way they will know that you are being taken care of. Good l... Read More »

What do you do if you want to get pregnant at 13 but you're really scared your mum will hit you?

Answer So you really want to be a parent at 13-14? You can look forward to feeding the child, changing it's diapers, having to spend nights up with a child who screams all the time or is colicky. Y... Read More »

I am 13 and pregnant with 6 my bf and I are scared what should we do?