What should you do if you have suicidal thoughts?

Answer you should talk to someone about it cuz u dont realize how many people love u and how many people would be mortified. I had a friend who hung himself from his bedroom fan and died and he didnt real... Read More »

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HELP Please!!!! Suicidal thoughts?

Liberty.. please think about my answer, it may sound drastic, but I feel you need to do this.Call the Police and tell them that you are tired of living and are going to commit suicde, because you h... Read More »

How to Cope With Suicidal Thoughts?

Life isn't always the easiest of things. Whether it's a result of depression or a reaction to something that's happening around you, many people will find themselves thinking suicidal thoughts at s... Read More »

How to stop suicidal thoughts?

you need to chill out and do something fun life is too short to be in this mood

How to Prevent Suicidal Thoughts?

There are certain moments in all of our lives where we believe that we aren't good enough for a certain person, or we just fail to see a purpose in our lives anymore. But it doesn't have to be that... Read More »