What should you do if you have siblings who quarrel every single day?

Answer Method 1: Just ignore them,or try to calm them down.It's easier if you go to a quiet room to relax a while.If they are teasing you,just stare at them.After a while,they will get fed up and leave yo... Read More »

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Where can I watch every single episode of every TV show ever made online for free?

After reading the answers I have to LMAO, bunch of idiots! I do agree with you though. If you notice, most of the questions could be answered by googling, but if they did what questions would we ... Read More »

What Clothes Should Every Guy Have in His Closet?

Although women may have more fashion choices overall, men have no shortage of options when deciding how to stock their closets. Men's fashion trends are fleeting, so when buying clothes, you should... Read More »

What should every girl have in her purse?

this: im also twelvelotionhairbandsgummirror(hand held)ipod/mp3money(if you have your... bring a you-know-what)lipgloss/makuepcell phonenail filewalletperfume (i have body spray )my purse i prety b... Read More »

What should every teen girl have in their wardrobe?

Everyday things a girl should have are:-A pair or two of sneakers-A couple of everyday shoes-Maybe three heels-At least 10 shirts-At least 7 pants-Some accessories like necklaces, earrings, bracele... Read More »