What should you do if you have siblings who quarrel every single day?

Answer Method 1: Just ignore them,or try to calm them down.It's easier if you go to a quiet room to relax a while.If they are teasing you,just stare at them.After a while,they will get fed up and leave yo... Read More »

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How to Make Others Believe You Are Nice After A Quarrel?

So you got into a fight and people think you're nasty. What are you going to do? You're going to put it on wikiHow so we can help!Have no fear, people! descriptionHere it is: what do do in this sit... Read More »

What are the causes for brotherly and sisterly quarrel?

How to Make Others Believe That You Are a Nice Person After You Have Had a Quarrel With Them?

People quarrel all the time. One argument doesn't mean you should now be seen as a nasty person, people make mistakes and this should be recognised and learned from.

Why do people say 'You should've kept your legs shut!' to women/single mothers, but not to men/single fathers?

When I was growing up my Father told me not to do anything that I couldn't do in front of my mother. During my Junior year in High School he told me that when dating one of us had to keep our pant... Read More »